Brand Hub boosts

company competitiveness thanks to business models and brands innovations.

What is Brand Hub?

Brand Hub is a young and innovative designer company focused on creating of highly profitable business models, proven brand strategies, marketing strategies and company systems settings.


by designing business models breaking the current market rules

We teach companies to think differently in strategic concerns of their business. We seek for new posibilites of their influence on the current markets or we help them to find the Blue Ocean – to define their own new market without competitors.

by designing brand strategies resulting in sustainable differentiation

from the competitors

We do not skim the surface when designing brands; we do not play with colours or titles. We focuse on strategic value of the brand and its role in creating sustainable competitive advantages.

by process settings

We help to establish the order by setting stable processes and their full description ensuring predictability of the company behavior as a functional system and easier working environment for the employees.

by designing new products and service with high margin potential

We help companies to exceed their limits and come up with new products or services ensuring high and sustainable margin level and new competitive advantages. We use all latest concepts like HAAS/SAAS/PAAS.

Brand Bulding

& Management

Business Models Design & Optimization



Process Management for small companies

New Products

& Services Design

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